Height Matters in Lawn Mowing  

Lawn Mowing is not just cutting at any height or any moment. As much as we want to preserve the beauty through the mower height, there is science in height and why you should know it. This is an important consideration if you want to keep your lawn healthy. According to lawn experts, the minimum mowing height is around 2.5 to 3 inches; with this height, you can maintain a healthy lawn. Knowing that the height matters, you can enjoy the following benefits:  

  1. You can enjoy a healthier lawn grass. Photosynthesis occurs in the leaves. That is why it is discouraged to scalp your lawn because when its blades are too short, it has a slow recovery process. Thus, longer lawns are recommended by lawn Services Wollongong because longer blades result in more photosynthesis, more growth, and deeper rooting. This also means fewer fertilizer needs, core aeration, and other harsh lawn maintenance services.   
  1. You can enjoy lesser weeds. Maintaining lawn at a higher cut reduces the presence of weeds. When the turfgrass already grows high enough, it becomes dense and lush. Hence, it crowds out the weeds. The long lawn grass also produces a shade, so weed sprouts can no longer receive sunlight, so it will just be weak and stress. No more wasted time for weeding, fewer herbicides to use, and more happy movements in your lawn.   
  1. You can enjoy a lower water bill. Lawns with a minimum height with at least 2.5 to 3 inches are already dense and lush. This means that these grasses are already tolerant of infrequent watering. During drought, they have reserved moistures in the leave tissue and root system so water supply will not be a problem. When you have high turf grass, the water restriction and weather conditions will not likely to produce noticeable effects in your lawn. In the long run, natural watering in like rainwater is enough to maintain your lawn.   
  1. You can enjoy a greener and lusher appearance. The primary reasons why lawns are maintained are due to its aesthetic benefit in your home. The high turf grass gives a dramatic effect on its color, as green variations will be noticed as it grows. When your lawn is lusher, it can cover the patchy areas, so your lawn looks uniform and consistent. If maintained well, your lawn can achieve the carpet like-look that everyone looks for.   
  1. You can enjoy more happy and satisfying lawn mowing moments. Most homeowners treat lawn mowing as exercise or stress reliever. A 2.5-3 inch lawn needs to be mowed at least once a week to maintain a uniform height.   

These benefits are general and there is no hard and fast rule for this. Whatever methods you employ, whether you do it yourself or you hire professional services, height always matters. Before growing your lawn, always consider certain conditions like the weather, the availability of water, kind of soil, size of your lawn, and the kind of grass you are growing so that you can also do the proper maintenance and achieve the lawn that you always dreamed of.    



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